About us

Mining machinery and construction repair
and maintenance machinery company.

About us

We are a mining machinery repair and maintenance company, construction machinery and industrial maintenance in Sallent, Bages, Barcelona.

Welcome to the DESEURAS website. We are a company dedicated to the maintenance and repair of mining machinery, construction machinery and industrial maintenance. You can find us in Sallent, district of Bages. 70 km from Barcelona.

Ours is a family business, over 100 years old and with a strong rooting place in the territory, and one that would not come without its geographical and social environment. Bages is a region that has had a strong industrial sector, first the textile sector (cotton and textiles) and eventually the metal industry and the mining of potassium salts were developed. In this context, we are using the origin of our company.

In the early 1970s and even today’s DESEURAS has diversified its services in the construction and repair of machinery and a wide variety of equipments.

Minador para reparar

Our record and experience is a guarantee of quality in the repair of machinery and other work to be done.

  • Controlling internal processes in a documented and standardized way.
  • A bigger commitment and involvement of all employees in the company.
  • Following the path to continuous improvement and excellence of all internal processes.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.

DESEURAS, SA, has ISO 9001:2015 certification for repair of machinery for mining, construction and industrial maintenance.

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